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Interceptor ID® Technology

The Interceptor ID® technology is what allows you to control your incoming phone calls. At last there is a technology that Screens Phone Calls. It suppresses the unwanted phone calls from, Telemarketers, hostile bill collectors, pranksters, crazy ex's, the relatives you don't want to talk to, and anyone else you can think of screening.
How does it work? The Interceptor ID® scans your phone lines waiting for phone calls when it sees a incoming phone call it reads the caller ID information attached to the call and it compares it to the user data base to see if it should send it to the phone connected to the Person-To-Person® Console, or if it should ring a Remote Receiver. This process gives you the power to screen unwanted phone calls or to route the call to the proper phone with the receiver.
What features does it include?
The technology allows you to set screen modes for certain times, so at night you can get the sleep you need. You can select from 3 different screen modes, Simple, Database, and None. It can act as a call router to send certain calls to certain phones; this is great for households with kids, now you won’t have to be and answering service for your children and won’t have to have your answering machine full of messages not for you. The technology also includes Parental Control options.

Our Website!

This website was founded to help our customers find better ways of using their Interceptor ID® devices to help them screen the calls they don’t want. This website contains lots of useful information on operating your Interceptor ID® devices and has links to places where you can buy new Person-To-Person Units and its accessories. If you are having a hard time figuring out your Interceptor ID® device you have came to the right place. Our Forums are a great place to find help and tips on using the Interceptor ID® device also check out are Knowledge base. The Knowledge Base is a great tool for people to find the help they seek, because it is questions that real people have asked, and the real answers that our support personal have given. This combination is often extremely useful in helping people find solutions to their problems.

Be sure to check out our new Web Support to get the answers to the questions you have about our products. This section contains a Knowledge Base, this tool allows you to search other questions that have been asked and answered, a FAQ to answer your questions about buying the product and if its right for you, a troubleshooting guide to help you solve problems you might encounter, an Installation Guide to help you setup your Interceptor ID® to best fit your needs, and much more.

Don't forget to checkout the download section where you can download your product manual.

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