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Interceptor ID® web site launch

Monday, April 24, 2006

Interceptor ID® web site launches. The new site is designed to give users of the Interceptor ID® products the best Product Support one can find. The new site has several new features to help it in its goal to be the best. The first new feature is the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is a great tool for people to find the help they seek, because it is questions that real people have asked, and the real answers that our support personal have given. This combination is often extremely useful in helping people find solutions to their problems. In addition to the Knowledge Base our other Technical Support resources have been rebuild to provide excellent help and understanding. Additionally we have created all new product guides that include Installation, Troubleshooting, and Operation guide. With our new help guides you can find the information you seek with ease and better understanding. The Members Area of the web site contains tools and features to help us give you personal help with the Interceptor ID® products.


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