Install Setup : Demarc Setup

Install Setup : Demarc Setup


Demarc Setup

The Demarc is the Box/location where the phone company's wiring meets your house wiring In some setups of this a single Person-To-Person® device can be used to block calls to the entire house. However this is not always possible. To see if this setup is right for you consult the list below

  1. Is your Demarc or Central Connect Box located out doors?
  2. Do you want to be able to change calls in your call Database frequently and easily?
  3. Do you want to be able to route certain calls to certain phones and not limit it to just Block to all phones?
  4. Do you NOT feel comfortable with interacting with the main wiring of the home phone system/wiring?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you should not use this type of setup for your Interceptor ID system.

If you answered NO to all of the question above and you wish to use the Demarc setup the follow the following instructions. Find your Demarc or Main Control Box. It should have 2 sections one will be your Phone Company's side and should have some kind of warning stating that you should not open that side or change what is on that side. the warning changes with phone Company's the other side should say some thing like Customer Side, it also could be left unlabeled. Please read any and all warnings on the Control Box and make sure to follow there advice. On the Customer Side of the Box you will see a short phone cord plugged into a phone jack this is used for the phone company to test there connections and this is the location we will use to install the Interceptor ID device. The phone Jack is the connection to your homes phone wiring and the plug is the phone Company's wiring when the 2 are connected the house is then connected to the phone Company's system. You will have to Connect the Plug/Phone Company's connect to the LINE IN Jack on the Person-To-Person® device. Next you will have to connect the PHONE jack on the Person-To-Person® device to the phone jack in the control box (You House wiring connection). Lastly connect the Person-To-Person® device's power adaptor in to a wall power outlet. Make sure the Person-To-Person® Device is in a dry safe location program it to block the calls you don't want an enjoy the peace.



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